Here are a few of my not-so-recent articles:

October 2016 Al Jazeera - Drones launch off-grid healthcare in Madagascar

Vayu are launching drones to revolutionise healthcare in off-grid areas. They are saving lives by providing vaccines and carrying out remote diagnoses. Read about it here

September 2016 - Why festivals make you happy

Ever wondered why festivals are just so great, and leaving them is so awful? I take a look at the science behind festival fun.

May 2016 BioNews - 74 genes linked to education level but effect is minimal

Recent research shows that how long you stay in education, supposedly a proxy for intelligence, is linked to many genes which each have a very small effect.

March 2016 Future Everything - Science festival brings together artists and scientists to tackle climate change

A catch up on what was discussed at the Future Everything festival, held in Manchester.

March 2016 BioNews - Rare mutation turns 'good' cholesterol bad

This reviews research which explains why heart disease treatment doesn't always work. 

February 2016 Tech Monthly, The Observer & - Wearable tech combines science with a social conscience

I talk to Melissa Coleman about her creation that combines science and art to produce a socially conscious fashion statement. 

January 2016 Tech Monthly, The Observer - Hello from the other side... Let our hearts beat together

This art installation shows how humans are able to form deep bonds through digital interfaces. 

December 2015 Tech Monthly, The Observer & - Can internet access truly go global?

I get five people's opinions on this pertinent question, including vice president of Google's Project Loon and Oxfam's IT programme lead. 

December 2015 Tech Monthly, The Observer & - Technology to wear: shine a light to show how you feel

Be the start of your own picture frame with this invention which combines lighting technology with social media commentary.

October 2015 Tech Monthly, The Observer & - Flying photographer captures jewel in the desert

This article discusses the fertiliser fuelling our agricultural system and maverick techniques of the photographer who captures it.