Review: The Italian Job, Chiswick

Atmosphere: Cheerful, homely and warm
Drinks: Tonnes of choice and good value
Food: Big, meaty portions for varied prices

Warm, cosy, and bursting with meat, beer and wine, this restaurant is Italian in name and nature. Warning, this is not the place for veggies or vegans. But if you’re in the mood for a good hunk of meat, like I was last Friday, then this is the place to go!

The place is small, which gives it a rustic, homely feel. Visiting on a Friday evening, I had my reservations about it becoming too crowded and noisy. The Italian Job actually absorbed the crowd really well and while it felt full and buzzing, it never felt overcrowded or a struggle to chat. 

Delicious arancini balls. 

Delicious arancini balls. 

The area where this restaurant excelled was the drinks- a great selection of wine, beers, and spirits for reasonable prices. Best of all though was the fact that the bar tenders gave us their advice and we didn’t feel at all belittled for our (MY) lack of beer knowledge.

When it comes to food, there’s not tonnes of choice, this restaurant has opted not to be a jack of all trades, but to do what it does well. Big beefy burgers and meaty sides are reasonably priced and always available on the menu, while the specials board offers something a little more special and imaginative, though that comes with a slightly larger price tag. 

We went for arancini balls to start (amazingly cheesy and delicious) followed by two of the meatiest dishes on the menu. The Italian Job burger, which comes topped with crispy pancetta, and the open ‘sausage sandwich’, both were great quality meat with incredible flavourings. We were so stuffed from the generous portions that we shared a desert of orange chocolate fondant, I’m so glad we made room for this (even if it was only half each) as it was truly incredible!

The Italian job makes the best out of being in a lovely part of London, it’s got nice vibes and is homely. It’s not the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive and you get what you pay for in quality. The variation between the menu and the specials means that there is something to suit every budget, definitely would recommend for a chilled evening out!