Bang! is Oxford University's student run science magazine, under the OSPL umbrella. I was Editor in Chief at Bang! during the second term of my third year, and spearheaded the theme 'Women in Science'. The issue got more article submissions and interest than many before it, and brought the importance of the equality debate to a magazine that is normally focussed purely on science.  

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Before being Editor in Chief, I was a writer for the publication as well as a sub-editor, news editor and online editor. Here are some of the pieces I wrote in these roles:

Alcoholic Animals
Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy a drink. Find out the lengths animals will go to in order to quench their thirst...

An update on the progress in treating HIV. 

An 'In Focus' news piece on the progress of the fight against the outbreak in Africa. 

Paradise Found
The city of the future being built in Dubai.