I’m Sophie Ann Perry, and I work to increase shared decision making around our future. This work mainly takes the form of PEST which the acronym for Public Engagement with Science and Technology, but I also work regularly on arts, culture and community projects that focus on creating change through shared innovation and opportunity.

I believe that if more diverse publics contribute to societal direction and decision, we can see much fairer, representative and equitable outcomes. I see the approach of deconstructing hierarchical structures and moving instead towards more open platforms as relevant across all of our societal infrastructure; from our current climate change crisis to public resource allocation and research direction. 

I approach this work largely from the direction of science, with a hope to harness the usefulness of research while propagating a realistic message that science can’t cure everything or give us answers to difficult moral questions. It is another part of much wider ranging conversations and benefits from input and challenges from those outside of the field. Science itself is flawed by its biased underpinnings, and to me, working in the field of science engagement means actively deconstructing these biases and privileges. 

As well as working on my own projects, I help other people and organisations to plan, realise, evaluate and continually improve theirs, as long as their missions align with my own. I love writing, talking and thinking, so if you want to get in touch about anything engagement, communication or justice-related, just contact me. Questions, advice or collaborations are all appreciated.


Other places you can find out about me are Future Farm Lab and the guardian.