I’m Sophie Ann Perry, I mainly work in PEST which the acronym for Public Engagement with Science and Technology, but I also love working on arts, culture and youth projects that focus on creating opportunities. 

I first began working in the science engagement field through writing articles which aimed to straight-forwardly communicate scientific research and process in an attempt to ‘open up’ the field of science. I’ve since realised that writing articles just makes scientific information more readily available to audiences who typically have access to it anyway. So I changed my focus to working at the boundaries of engagement and extending the reach of science, art and culture to new audiences.

I still like writing, and there will always be a place in my heart for crafting narratives that are enjoyed by those who read them, but I realise that I’ll have to try a bit harder if I want to make big changes that deconstruct the current walls around scientific and cultural engagement. 

I care about ensuring that as many people as possible have the opportunity to explore science and culture, whether they chose to pursue this or not. I do this by running workshops, creating events, managing outreach learning programmes, and researching the social justice of science. 

I also help other people and organisations to plan, realise, evaluate and continually improve their own projects, as long as their missions align with my own. 

I love writing, talking and thinking, so if you want to get in touch about anything engagement or communication-related, just contact me. Questions, advice or collaborations are all appreciated.


Other places you can find out about me are Future Farm Lab and the guardian.