1001 Inventions & Manchester Science Festival

From August to October 2018, I spent my time project managing the delivery of 1001 Inventions’ Ibn Al-Haytham: Mysteries of How We See at Manchester Science Festival.

Read the report here.

The event, a continuing legacy from 1001 Inventions’ collaboration with UNESCO’s International Year of Light (2015), welcomed some of the biggest and most diverse crowds at Manchester Science Festival. Ibn Al-Haytham: Mysteries of How We See explores and exposes the contributions of 10th century pioneer Al Hasan Ibn Al-Haytham to our modern day understandings of light, optics and vision. I love working with 1001 Inventions because it’s fast-paced and exciting, but mainly because I get to contribute to exposing content that resonates with all kinds of audience members.

Project managing this event involved developing existing workshops to make them as engaging, fun, and creative as possible, and trying to knit the expansive event into a coherent experience for audience members. Me, the core 1001 Inventions team and my team of twelve incredible explainers managed to pull off a hugely successful event welcoming crowds of over 4000+, all of whom seemed to only have positive things to say.